F7 flash fail ?

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F7 flash fail ?

Post by goldenfish » Tue Feb 04, 2020 6:12 am


The phone is hang on logo, customeer upgrade on android 10, i'm already formatedd but still pop up oppo then reboot, then i dowwnload firmware to flash, but not success on newest tool, any help ?
thankyou all

Disconnect Mobile...
re-input Mobile Battery...
then connect usb to computer....
Make Sure your Mobie have power...
>>> Searching Mobile Com Port...
Get Mobile Port: COM24
>>> Driver Identifying name:
MediaTek USB Port
>>> Get Mobile Aleady...
>>> Reading Mobile Hardware info...Success
HW_Inf: 8A00 SW_Inf: CA00
>>> Initializing Mobile Phone...>>> Sending AUTH file...Success
>>> Downloading boot1 to Mobile...Success
Êֻú״̬Çл»Ϊ :brom...³ɹ¦
ȷÈÏÊֻú״̬Ϊ :brom...
Initializationing BOOT2 ...
=====================Flash ÀàÐÍ(eMMC)==============
Flash Size: 0x0000000D0A303030 -> 53411M
Flash ID: 0x2031303035203030
Flash Name: UNKNOWN
Flash Code: 05 000
>>> Reading Mobile GPT data...Fail