Meizu M822H Note 8 after Format(Unlock) problem

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Meizu M822H Note 8 after Format(Unlock) problem

Post by pstamov » Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:46 am

The phone had an unlock password and a flyme account. I made the Format(Unlock) with MRT Key Ver 3.53. After restarting the phone, start showed the Flyme logo, and after a while remained on a dark screen (backlight only). If you hold down the power button, the power and restart buttons appear on the screen.Phone is alive but nothing more. Cannot enter Recovery with Volume UP ana power on button. Try preflash with QC_Tool and this flash: M1822_M822Q 20181113175844_intl_stable(Flyme Nothing has changed. Preflash with QFIL also but nothing has changed. Any solution to this problem to restore it to working condition?

>>>>Auto Identify 9008 Port...
Get 9008 Port;Is:COM51
>>>>Reading Mobile Hardware Info...Succes
CPU_SN: 0x21C8F454
MSM_ID: 0x000BA0E1

>>>Initialize Boot Mobile...Success
>>>>Download Boot1 to Mobile...Success
>>>>Downloading Boot2 to Mobile...Success
>>>>Switch Mobile to re/wr mode...Success
>>>>Connecting Mobile...Success
Flash Type:eMMC
CPU Type: 8953
>>>>Reading Mobile GPT Block Data...Success
>>>>Write userdata data...
Add:0x01C9000000 Size0x0CC67FBE00
Rebooting Mobile...
all is done!!!

Thank you in advance.